Athens, GA

2705 Jefferson Road
Athens, GA 30607

Phone: 706-543-3200
Fax: 706-433-1745

Athens Clarke County bus routes for Athens Retina Center:

Route 7 – arrives at 7:32 AM and makes its stop at the Homewood Hills stop every hour until 9:32 PM. From the Homewood Hills bus stop, it is a 7 minute walk (0.4 miles) to Athens Retina Center.

Route 8 – arrives at Old Jefferson Rd. at 6:15 AM, then 7:05 AM, then arrives every hour until 6:05 PM. From the Old Jefferson Rd bus stop, it is a 10 minute walk (0.5 miles) to Athens Retina Center


What Our Patients Say

Dr. Iyer is a caring, well educated and talented physician. During my experience with Dr. Iyer, I appreciated his ability to be professional yet friendly. Dr. Iyer is great at explaining complex medical information in plain English and he welcomes questions.